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Welcome to Traditional Greek taverna "Maria"

A smile doesn’t cost anything, but it creates so much. This smile, pure, springing, spontaneous ,honest , was never absent from Taverna MARIA, a lovely  family business that has been founded since 2002 and has always been close  to its customers. Apart from the tasteful dishes you will be thrilled by the friendly atmosphere and the helpful staff.

In the years that have come by, the Taverna MARIA is a classic, timeless place with its warm environment that has hosted customers from all over the world. So, today, rightfully the name MARIA is a synonym to delicious flavors. With love to the traditional cuisine and with respect to the customer we prepare and offer daily a great variety of starters, odeurves and unique barbecued dishes.

The relaxed environment and the excellent personal service meets up with your expectations that we treat as unique. It is open all day long, has reasonable prices and its ideal for families, since it has a play ground at your service.


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